About Us

The Calida Group is a leading developer, investor, and operator of multifamily real estate properties in the western United States.  Founded in 2007 by Douglas Eisner and Eric Cohen, the principals have developed or acquired more than 20,000 multifamily units, and its senior management combines over 100 years of real estate experience.  Calida invests roughly $1 billion annually across three primary strategies (Development, Value-Add Acquisitions and Core-Plus Acquisitions) on behalf of a series of discretionary commingled funds serving the family office and ultra-high net worth communities, as well as forming partnerships with many of the nation’s largest financial institutions.

Calida begins with strategic and creative deal sourcing methods to identify investment opportunities that are often completely off market or otherwise less competitively advertised. Then, by leveraging the firm’s lifestyle-oriented design capabilities and operational expertise, Calida tailors unique business plans for each asset. Finally, by meticulously implementing these business plans while managing construction risk, conservatively financing each property and employing thoughtful tax planning, Calida is able to create superior investment opportunities with lower risk than would typically be expected in deals of similar return profiles.


For more information or to subscribe to our newsletter, please visit us at www.TheCalidaGroup.com, and www.ElysianLiving.com, or reach out to our investor relations department at [email protected].